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Child Development and Early Education

 School Age

SJB's toddler and preschool programs are designed to encourage and stimulate critical early development because children begin learning and discovering the day they are born. SJB’s staff is qualified, dedicated and culturally responsive. Our preschool program aims to foster school readiness and social-emotional competency as well as maintain comprehensive individualized development plans for the children so as to ensure their ongoing success.
SJB’s school age program strives to increase the academic aptitudes of our kids while promoting conflict resolution strategies and positive self-image. SJB’s school age programs improve social skills and interpersonal behaviors while helping to close the academic achievement gap.

Health Services

Food Program

SJB integrates health and wellbeing components in all our programs so that children learn healthy habits early. Our health program helps parents fill the gap by making sure that enrolled SJB children receive vision and hearing screenings, height and weight tracking, preschool immunization checks, nutritional needs assessments and health education.
SJB’s food program provides healthy food to hungry children. Our food program helps to stabilize and empower the low-income children we serve. Through the program we are setting the foundation for academic success because we know hungry children can’t learn. Last year alone we served almost 240,000 meals!

Family Resource Centers

 In collaboration with Health Trust and First 5 Santa Clara County, SJB operates Family Resource Centers that provide family support, education and enrichment services to local families. Our FRC’s are a place of empowerment, support and community.

Cassell Development Center

Cherrywood Development Center

2415 Arden Way
San Jose, Ca. 95122

2550 Greengate Drive
San Jose, Ca. 95132


Noble Development Center

Northwood Development Center

3466 Grossmont Drive
San Jose, Ca. 95132

2760 Trimble Road #700
San Jose, CA 95132


San Juan Buatista Center

Water District Center

1945 Terilyn Avenue
San Jose, Ca. 95122

5684 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, Ca. 95118


Franklin Elementary School

Vinci Park Development Center

420 Tully Road
San Jose, Ca. 95111

1311 Vinci Park Way
San Jose, Ca. 95131