SJB - Child Development Centers 
"Building a Better Tomorrow, Today." 


SJB Child Development Centers exist because we believe that all children in this community, regardless of their economic status, deserve to be invested in by dedicated, skilled professionals in a warm environment that educates, engages and inspires.

For over 46 years it has been SJB’s privilege to prepare children and families for brighter and more prosperous futures with innovative services transcending traditional child care. By providing children with the care and education they deserve and parents with access to the resources they need, we are working together to create a vibrant, thriving community.

Mission: SJB Child Development Centers is committed to providing high quality learning environments to support the success and well-being of children and families in our diverse communities.


Our mission stems from the vision of one of our organization’s founders, Mr. Bill Williams. He had a desire to help parents establish financial independence by creating a safe place where they could bring their children while they worked. He also set out to break the cycle of poverty by offering education-based child care so that the children at the center would have access to the same opportunities as those from more affluent families. San Juan Bautista Child Development Center was established with these goals in mind and quickly made a name for itself by being the first in Santa Clara County to offer toddler care and before and after school care.

SJB empowers and supports very low to moderate income children and families who are served through 10 sites and multiple programs, all working to uphold Mr. Bill Williams’ vision of empowering the children and families of Santa Clara County. Our agency is co-creating college grads, responsible community members, entrepreneurs, politicians, educators and future thought leaders. We are creating the future of Silicon Valley!

Our Work:

SJB’s compassionate, skilled and licensed professionals strive to nurture not only the child, but the whole family as well. We offer Federal and State services as well as research and theory based curriculum and developmental evaluations that focus on the needs of each child. Through independent interactions with peers, stimulating and challenging environments, and teacher facilitated learning opportunities, children are able to develop social skills, academic confidence and creative ability.

Children who come to SJB thrive in our safe and developmentally rich environments. Parents who entrust their children to us have invaluable peace of mind, because they know the level of care we provide. SJB staff’s dedication is unparalleled, due to one basic principal; the children and families are worth it.

Collaborations and Affiliations:
Santa Clara County Office of Education (Head Start and Early Headstart)
FIRST 5 of Santa Clara County
The Health Trust
United Way Silicon Valley
Inclusion Collaborative
California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN) California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC)
Indian Health Center

Our Staff:

Staff Qualifications:

SJB Child Development Centers’ program staff are held to strict permit and educational standards. They are required to hold a current Child Development Permit certified through California Department of Education’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This commission authorizes a teacher to provide service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child development program.
The program staff consists of Site Supervisors, Master Teachers, Teachers, Associate Teachers and Teacher Assistants. Each teacher level in this Child Development Matrix requires a specific number of college earned units in early childhood education, general education and previous experience in group child care. The matrix requires Site Supervisors to also have an additional 6 college units in administration and supervision. The majority of SJB Child Development Centers’ Site Supervisors hold at least a B.A. degree.
Across SJB’s network, these prepared and trained staff implement the curriculum that includes social-emotional, physical and academic development as well as facilitate evaluations and individualized plans.

Staff Trainings:

Ongoing professional development training is a priority to the agency. SJB educators and classroom staff are trained in the following:
PITC (Program for Infant/Toddler Care) developed collaboratively by WestED and the California Department of Education, is a comprehensive training system that promotes responsive, caring relationships for infants and toddlers.
CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) is an observation tool that focuses on the effectiveness of classroom interactions among children and teachers.
CalSAC (California School-Age Consortium) its mission is to support and advance professionals and organizations in providing after school and school-age care programs. Its focus is on connecting professionals, enhancing competency, and building a community of leaders.
Inclusion Collaborative; efforts are to provide children with a quality learning environment. Its focus is the successful inclusion of children with special needs in child care, preschool programs and the community through education, advocacy and awareness.
Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) the Desired Results Developmental Profile–School Readiness (DRDP-SR©) assessment instrument provides useful information to teachers and administrators in order to better address children’s learning and developmental needs over time. It ultimately is an essential strategy to close the readiness gap and ensure all children thrive in their earliest years. The California Department of Education (CDE), in collaboration with the WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies and UC Berkeley–BEAR Center, developed the Desired Results Developmental Profile–School Readiness (DRDP-SR) assessment instrument. The primary purpose of the DRDP-SR is to provide transitional and traditional kindergarten teachers with a valid, reliable measurement tool that will assist them to observe, document and reflect on the learning, development and progress of their students.
All of our classroom staff are also First Aid and CPR trained and certified